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Evelop Airbus A330-300

Repaint of the The Fruit Stand Airbus A330-200GE in Orbest Color scheme. Paint made on a new HD Paintkit optimized for P3D including specific lightmaps for FSX – P3Dv4. Base files package for FSX – P3Dv4 available at This is an AI aircraft only. Download


Wit the uplaod of the Avianca Brasil A330-200 An Era will end. After 15 jears of FS9 it is time to move. As a formelly FS9 die hard, I decided to move to the new technolgy as soon as LM will release their P3D 64 bit, and I'm very impressed, how the increase of performance …

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April’s Fool – Juergenbaumbusch,de going Amazon Prime Now

Some f you have already noticed, this was only an April's Fool. will not go Amazon.   But for the future, I hope… No, I wish, that the one or other user will think about what he will post, before he post.   Thank you       Since several weeks, I noticed, that users are getting more …

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Not only another Paint publishing site anymore!!

Hello visitors,   Yes, a new dawn has broken for JB’s Paint Hangar. For the first time I’m proud to present you a new category on my site. Flightplans. In the new category you will find now some plans from Christian Hegewald. Some smaller Canadian operators. Many thanks to Christian for the hard work and …

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Hello, Welcome and nice to see you on my new small paint site. on the right side you will find a warm fire in the fireplace and a soft chair to sit down and relax, on the right side you will find beer and chips. 🙂