All Nippon AIrways (ANA) Boeing 777-300

Repaint of the The Fruit Stand (TFS) Boeing 777-300 in All Nippon Airways (ANA)  color scheme. Paint made on a new HD Paintkit optimized for P3D including specific lightmaps for FSX – P3Dv4. Base files package for FSX – P3Dv4 available at This is an AI aircraft only.


One thought on “All Nippon AIrways (ANA) Boeing 777-300

  1. I am very happy for TFS texture. Simmarket doesn’t win, finally. My personal war against money in our hobby today wins. Please, Juergen go to and see my last jobs all in TFS,OSP and FAIB free models. I have done many AI aircraft textures: EMIRATES (all fleet); Blue Panorama (all fleet); Ait Tahiti (all fleet); Salamair (all fleet). if you wish, you are authorized to publish them on your site FREE.

    Mario Gasparella

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