Skymark Airlines Boeing 737-800 (representative fleet)

Repaint of Erez Werber Boeing 737-700w ASky color scheme. Base files package for FSX/FS9 available seperately at FAIB Website. For more details please visit This is an AI aircraft only.

Download FSX

Download FS9 not updated

2 thoughts on “Skymark Airlines Boeing 737-800 (representative fleet)

  1. Hi sir,

    Some aircraft winglet logo have change, e.g: JA737R now: RHS red hearts/LHS Green Spades, JA737Z now: RHS Black Spades/LHS Green clubs, and missing the “JA73NM” paint, RHS Green clubs/LHS Red hearts.

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      Packagae updated with correct winglets for JA737R and JA737Z. Added JA73NM.

      Thank you for Heads up. 🙂


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