Japan Coast Guard AIG Dash 8-300

The Japan Coast Guard (海上保安庁, Kaijō Hoan-chō) is the coast guard of Japan.

The Japan Coast Guard consists of about 13,700 personnel and is responsible for the protection of the coastline of Japan under the oversight of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The Japan Coast Guard was founded in 1948 as the Maritime Safety Agency and received its current English name in 2000.

The motto of the Japan Coast Guard is “Righteous Benevolence” (正義仁愛, Seigi Jin’ai).

Flightplans are available on Alpha India Group.
Made for P3D. Tested in MCX only.
For MSFS2020 please use the dedicated AIG Traffic Manager with OCI at: http://www.alpha-india.net/ai-manager/
Texture quality: DDS DXT5, flipped, no mips. Included is the light map for the always “light on” mode.
Included are also the BMP files (you may need to change the alpha layer).


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