4 thoughts on “Avianca Colombia Airbus A320

  1. Hi Juergen,
    Just found that the Avianca FAIB A320 FSX package with a errror that "NO HD" repaint for the N603AV repaint and confirm it is a IAE engine paintkit?

  2. JB thanks for fixing the links. The Avianca Colombia NC IAE SL N603AV texture for FSX is 1.00 and 1.33 MB respectively for the non-mipped and mipped paints. You may have inadvertently placed the FS9 textures into the FSX file for that paint only. All other looks real good.

  3. Hi JB

    Could you please check the Avianca Airbus A320 FSX package? The latest paint of N609AV (IAE Sharklets) it’s in the wrong size/format of 1024kb instead of 4096kb.

    Thanks in advance


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