Germania Airbus A321-200 – Nils

Repaint of FAIB Airbus A321-200 in Germania color schemes. Base files package for FSX/FS9 available seperately at FAIB Website. For more details please visit This is an AI aircraft only.


Download FSX
Download FS9 – not updated

Updated 13.11.2016: general update
Updated 16.12.2017: general update
Updated 15.08.2018: added ex-AB paint

10 thoughts on “Germania Airbus A321-200 – Nils

  1. Hi Nils,

    I use FS9 and have trouble with your 32-bit files as provided directly by you and Marco. Juergen's are fine.
    The texture will load grey, the FS will crash-to-desktop.
    So every texture I get, I must first open in DXTBMP and save it again as Extended bitmap 32-bit which corrects any compatability errors.

    Why does this happen, and is it easy for you to fix so I don't have to do this to every texture?
    About 60% of textures I download from various places have this issue.

    1. I save my 32-bit bitmaps straight crom Photoshop, this is known to cause problems.

      In general it is not recommended to use the 32-bit files, because of higher VAS-usage. I only include them, so that you can convert it to your prefered format.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        I figured you might have accidentally been saving them directly, rather than as extended bitmaps. That explains why some painters don't even include the Alpha in their 32-bit uploads.
        I have all my traffic in 32-bit, as it looks much better in FS9, but haven't noticed any performance issues.

    1. I was made aware of a few errors in all three paints which I am fixing right now.
      An updated file will be made available soon.

    1. The comment section is not a place to order paints.

      The first picture of D-ASTE has only appeared yesterday and I plan to update all my Germania NC paints!

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