MIAT Mongolian Airlines Boeing 767-300 – AIA – Nils

Repaint of the AIA Ardvark Boeing 767-300ER in MIAT color scheme. Paint made on a new HD Paintkit optimized for FSX including a FSX specific lightmap.. Base files package for FS2004 available at flightsim.com. This is an AI only aircraft.

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Updated 12.12.2016: 2016 update

3 comments on “MIAT Mongolian Airlines Boeing 767-300 – AIA – Nils

  1. Toni on said:

    The 767 with RR is not active. Instead they have a another one with GE engines without WL.. EI-FGN

  2. ryan78 on said:

    I’ve been looking for an AIA 767-300W painkit for a while, would you mind posting it for use or directing me to where you found it. Thanks and love your site!

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