Etihad Airbus A320-200 – Nils

Repaint of Erez Werber Airbus A320-200 in Etihad color scheme. Base files package for FSX/FS9 available seperately at FAIB Website. For more details please visit This is an AI aircraft only.

Etihad A320-200

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Updated 27.07.2016: general 2016 update

8 thoughts on “Etihad Airbus A320-200 – Nils

  1. Hey,

    it would be so nice to see updated liverys also on the front page. Its sometimes difficult to notice that there was an update.




  2. Hello, Nils/Jürgen


    I noticed a small problem o the CFM A6-EIZ texture

    The lightbmp window config doens`t match with the window config on the day texture.

    The reason ist, that the lightbmp was used of the old color texture (CFM). The starboard side has one window less in the front area.


    Hope you will fix it when you find some time. Thanks for release and hope yo do also the A319

    1. I will have a look into it.

      The A319 is currently impossible, due to the lack of proper pictures, I have found 2 or 3 yet, but thats by far not enough for such a complicate livery.

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