Norwegian Longhaul Boeing 787-8

Repaint of the United Traffic Team (UTT)/FSPainter (FSP Boeing 787-8 in Norwegian Longhaul colour scheme. Base files package for UTT FSX/P3D/FS2004 available at – Base files for FSP FSX/P3D at . This is an AI aircraft only.


Download FSX UTT

Download FSX FSP

Download FS9

3 comments on “Norwegian Longhaul Boeing 787-8

  1. Ryan on said:

    Thanks for the FSP paints JB. Just wanted to point out there are "Boeing 787-9" instead of "Boeing 787-8" titles, LNH has the tailfin URL on the right side duped/layered over itself twice, and (might just be the paint kit because everyone else's RR paints are like this too) the engine fanblade is a GENX fanblade rather than an RR one.

    Not sure if the FSP PK has this option either but Norwegian's 788s have the cockpit window frame painted gray (like in the UTT paints), while their 789s have them painted red.

  2. Ryan on said:

    Hi JB, just thought I'd inform that H.C. Andersen/LNH was reregistered in Norway a few days ago, so that should make all the 788 registered in Norway and not Ireland now.

  3. Ryan on said:

    Hi JB, thanks for updating the Irish regs for LNB thorugh LNG to Norwegian ones. I should point out that though that only four days ago was Sonja Henie/LNA transferred to the Norwegian registry and off the Irish one. H.C. Andersen/LNH might take a bit longer to follow through however. Thanks again and just thought I'd let you know.

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