Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800w

Repaint of Erez Werber Boeing 737-800w Norwegian Air Shuttle scheme. Base files package for FS9 available seperately at FAIB Website. For more details please visit This is an AI aircraft only. At this place I have to give bi Thank to Eirik Olsen (TheEirikK) for his fantastic support and Help and Christian Mohr from Virtual Norwegian for the permission to use his Artwork of the tails for the 737-800w. It made the work much easier and faster for me.

Download FSX

Download FS9 not updated

10 thoughts on “Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800w

  1. Hi
    Just a quick note
    LN-NGK (white) and LN-NIE are in fact WL SN model but textures and fltsim entrie says WL model.

    Thanks for the pack.

  2. Hi!
    There is one error in the texture.SE-RPL. The tail hero is from ex EI-FJY. The tail hero that is used on SE-RPL is ex EI-FJV.
    Thank you

  3. Dear Juergen,
    Thanks for the massive texture pack.

    Few bugs I found:
    LN-DYU actually contains the texture from LN-NGU.
    LN-DYU is the Wireless internet onboard livery, but you seem to have missed it.

    Second, the 32-bit for LN-NID actually contains texture for LN-NIE. The DXT format is fine.

    Thirdly, the fltsim.cfg entries have some mistakes, such as non-existent LN-NOH which is now with Norwegian Int'l as EI-FJF.

    Fourth, the fltsim.cfg entry for G-NRWY has atc_id=LN-NGM.

    Lastly, the .zip file has trouble downloading. Often finishes at 111mb, or 115mb, (should be 119mb) and it won't extract. Had to try it 4 times.

    Thanks for your continued support of FS9 users !

  4. I have had these repaint but recently I downloaded them again but wasn’t able to open compressed file.Tried some others and they are working well.


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