April’s Fool – Juergenbaumbusch,de going Amazon Prime Now

Some f you have already noticed, this was only an April's Fool. laugh JB.de will not go Amazon.


But for the future, I hope… No, I wish, that the one or other user will think about what he will post, before he post.


Thank you




Since several weeks, I noticed, that users are getting more and more unhappy, because they do not get the paints instantly, when they urgently need it. (If they don't get it, the World will end)

SoI have made a representative poll, (see here the results)


After some intensive brainstorming with the other members of JB.de I have decided to get in contact with Amazon. We negotiate a perfect deal for the impatient users.

JB.de will join Amazon Prime Now.


In future, when a paint apperars on the AIG forum, you will find a the following button below the paint. Simply klick on it, and you will get delivered the paint within the next 2h, guranteed.


No more wating, no more laborious installation, no more stupid questions at AIG, no more follow up certain topics. Simply unpack and you have it. 🙂


I hope this deal will be more adequate to you.


Have fun.:)

5 thoughts on “April’s Fool – Juergenbaumbusch,de going Amazon Prime Now

  1. Err, excuse my ignorance, but I don't get it.

    I do have Amazon Prime, but what is it that I get in return? I can download a repaint from this site – but I can already do this now? So what will change?

    Sorry, I am just utterly confused, or utterly ignorant (probably the latter), so thank you for any patient and kind soul to explain this to me again.


  2. hehe, nice idea !!! 😛 …..

    I´ll use your paints without amazon prime, I can wait and I´am happy when I visit your site and see some new stuff ! 

    But one thing, if you update fleets from previous postet airlines, it would be fine if it´s possible to announce it in any kind of creating another "window" on your site ?!


    greets Pepe



  3. Just for shits and giggles, I'm the type that will look to see if a paint is here. If not, no problem I can wait. Like yesterday you posted the China Eastern 737-800 SKYTEAM. I was happy it was made available but I'm not going to scream and yell and roll on the floor throwing a fit. I understand you are a busy man and I can wait.

    Again, thank you for the new aircraft.

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